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Candy a sweet tradition since 1920

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We love candy. We are never too old to love these sweets, especially when only made with ancient artisan recipes, as delicious as those of the past.

Explore a wide range of exquisite traditional candies Vicentini. Handcrafted with passion and genuine ingredients for a sweet taste of nostalgia. Shop now!

Since 1920 the Vicentini family has followed the production of Vicentini sweets candies with passion and dedication, selecting the best recipes and the most genuine ingredients.
With an eye always attentive to tradition and a great openness to technical and nutritional innovations, we offer a line of simple, tasty and genuine sweets, which are constantly evolving.

CANDIES VICENTINI at IFM Gourmet | Italian Food Masters – Dubai – UAE

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Healthy Candy

A new hard filled sugar free heathy candy made only by natural origin ingredients: sweet thanks to stevia extract, good and colored thanks to natural orange flavors, a tasty and healthy pleasure for children and adults!


A sugar free candy made only by natural origin herbal ingredients: a tasty and healthy pleasure for children and adults!

Traditional sweets The most classic candies, Fruttini, Sesame Croccantine, Orzi and Rhubarb, simple and genuine recipes that have passed through history and are still cooked over direct heat today as per the best candy making tradition. Discover the assortment…

Polish Toffee Sweets The traditional Polish Mous, top quality fudge candies produced with simple and genuine ingredients, soft and fragrant, are children’s favorites!

Discover the assortment… Filled sweets Stuffed Mini Vicentini, the classic hard candies with a soft heart that releases its aroma little by little, to make this moment of pleasure as long as possible! Discover the assortment…

Fruit jellies Vicentini Jellies, soft and tasty because they are produced with lots of real fruit juice, also in mini and double flavor formats to make mothers but also children happy! Discover the assortment…

Sugar-free sweets The Mini Vicentini Without Sugar and without Aspartame, mini tablets with a great taste in a vast assortment suitable for your handbag: to clear your mouth of the bitterness of life! Discover the assortment…

Stevia candies Vicentini Stevia Light, the first sugar-free candies sweetened with stevia leaf extract and produced only with ingredients of natural origin, to enjoy pleasure without worries! Discover the assortment… Tisanine C The brand new Tisanine C, the candies inspired by the flavors of the most popular herbal teas: all the freshness of herbs and fruits with the addition of precious Vitamin C!


Candy Candies Traditional and Special
IFM Gourmet Dubai UAE
Candy Candies Traditional and Special IFM Gourmet Dubai UAE
Candies Collection Vicentini
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Candies Traditional and Specialty Sweet Collection | IFM Gourmet Dubai UAE