Artisanal Colomba Cakes by Flamigni

delicious and high-quality colomba cake in Dubai and UAE
Artisanal Colomba Italian Food Masters Dubai UAE
Artisanal Colomba at Italian Food Masters Dubai, UAE

f you’re looking for a delicious and high-quality dessert, you simply must try the Italian traditional artisanal Colomba dove-shaped cake created by master baker Flamigni. Made with only the finest ingredients and baked with passion since 1930, this cake is now available at IFM Gourmet Dubai in a variety of flavors, including classic with orange peels, chocolate drops, and antique grains. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in a truly decadent treat that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more. Head over to IFM Gourmet Dubai today and experience the exquisite flavors of the Flamigni Colomba cake for yourself!

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Each Colomba Flamigni requires careful preparation, lasting three days, during which different doughs and different leavenings are made. The artisan aspect remains strongly rooted. In fact, there are numerous phases that require careful manual intervention by the expert Flamigni pastry chefs. The careful processing cycle is completed by the care of the packaging and the use of elegant wrappers, specially designed to keep the freshness of the product unaltered.

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Among the ingredients used in the preparation, crucial for obtaining the typical soft dough, there are French butter, obtained by the separation of the cream from the milk by means of centrifugation, and the eggs, coming exclusively from Italian farms on the ground. Also Italian are the candied fruit, the fragrant thick-skinned Navel orange peel grown in Sibari, the fruit of the generous land of Calabria and produced without the use of sulfur dioxide.

delicious and high-quality colomba cake in Dubai and UAE
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Delicious Artisanal Colomba Cake by Flamigni 1930 avalable at IFM Gourmet Dubai,

The traditional Italian Colomba cake dove shaped – an Easter specialty made with soft dough, candied fruit, and almonds.

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